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Set Awards

Post by Murzim » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:28 pm

At the end of each set, the following fame points are awarded:

Final Position
Top 1: 200 Fame points
Top 2-3: 150 Fame points
Top 4-10: 100 Fame points
Top 11-20: 50 Fame points
Top 21-50: 25 Fame points
Top 51-100: 15 Fame points
Top 101-300: 5 Fame points

Hall Of Fame
Top 1-10 Booty Master Players enter Hall of Fame
Top 1-5 Gangs enters Hall of Fame
Players with 500 or more fame points enter Hall of Fame (500 fame points are removed) (Only after user request)
*If you are already in hall of fame, you earn a star for every 500 fame points.
**Sorting of Most Famous players is done according to your other sum of fame points at that time.
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