More players needed!

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More players needed!

Post by Murzim » Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:43 pm


The game needs more players! It will be good for everyone if the game had more players! There is an insrease in active players lately but more are needed.

You can help! Tell your friends, post to your social network profiles, put a link to your sites, add it to your forum signatures, use your referral link where you can: spread the word.

We will try to add extra languages to the game with Greek, Spanish and Bulgarian to be the first. Estimated completion is in about 2 months time. We can put more work to the game as well but to do so we need more players!

The game runs on an expensive dedicated server in order to run on finest quality and we use all income generated from your subscriptions there. More players will mean more subscriptions and eventually sometime we will be able to advertise more than we do now and bring more players utilizing your funds.

Till then, we need your help!

Thank you
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