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Supporting the game

Post by Murzim » Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:45 am


After a player asked me yesterday if I have given up on Booty Master, I have decided to reduce subscriptions costs of every package down to the half. It now costs just $10 for a whole year.

Supporters are important for the game. With no supporters, no professional work can be done on the game and more importantly, it cannot pay for its ads. And a game has many more costs than just advertising. Hopefully, the reduced price will now allow more players to obtain supporter, something that only several players have done lately.

The game needs support both financially and with your own advertising; introduce Booty Master to a friend. 9 out of 10 will find it interesting and will have a go, especially under your guidance.

Sadly, with how bad things are for browser games lately, Booty Master will need to start from the very basics to allure new players to play it. In this new effort, significant participation from the current playerbase is needed. The more we get, the better the result will be.

As always, there will be small updates before the new round. Nothing big is expected unless the tide of interest changes. This will be depicted by players actively playing the game.
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