Round 15th Registrations have opened!

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Round 15th Registrations have opened!

Post by Murzim » Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:46 pm

Greetings everyone,

With some delay, the registrations for the new round have been opened. The new round will start with the new year (first update at the night of January 1st) and it will last for 145 days (so we can then start a summer round of 90 days).

We will try to bring in as many players as possible for this round. We will also try to implement some new things/crimes in light of the new round. In this efford, it would be important if everyone could bring a couple of friends in to play: Booty Master is a good game to suggest to a friend. Use our referral system; there are some great rewards if you do so. If everyone manages to bring at least 1 player in, we will double the playerbase.. which would be alone an amazing kick start for the new round.

Have a nice year everyone!
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