Awards for set #2

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Awards for set #2

Post by Murzim » Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:56 pm

Well, we may not have an official ending day BUT we do have the awards that will be given once the set is over.

Here we go:

Final Position
Top 1: 200 Fame points & 3 months of supporter
Top 2-3: 150 Fame points & 1 month of supporter
Top 4-10: 100 Fame points
Top 11-20: 50 Fame points
Top 21-50: 25 Fame points
Top 51-100: 15 Fame points
Top 101-300: 5 Fame points


Top 1 : 25 Fame points
Top 2-5: 10 Fame points
Top 6-10: 5 Fame points

-Player with breedery that has the most horses in the game: 25 Fame points
-Player with breedery that the horses it produced (overall) got the most wins in the game: 25 Fame points (example, Demo Breedery produced 10 horses. Horse #3 got 6 wins and horse #7 got 2 wins. So this breedery's horses got a total of 8 wins)
-Player with Most Horse Race Wins (as appears in main screen): 25 Fame points
-Player with Top Overall Profit: 30 Fame points
-Players with 2nd to 5th top overall profit: 10 Fame points

Top level player: 5 fame points
Largest Cash stalker: 5 fame points
Biggest treasure items value: 5 fame points
Largest collection of treasure items: 5 fame points
Player with most respect: 10 Fame points
Player with most respect positions 2 to 5: 5 Fame points

Top Crimes
1 fame point will be given for every presence in top10 crimes list. This will count only once per crime. (Example: I play the character Revenger and I can see myself: 3 times in Date Laura Top10 All time and 4 times in Kidnap the School Mascot and 1 in Shooting Contest. Then I will earn 3 fame points out of these.)

Player Market
-Player with biggest number of sales will earn 5 fame points.
-Player with biggest umber of buyings will earn 5 fame points.
-Player with largest ammount earned will earn 5 fame points.
-Player with largest spent will earn 5 fame points.
*Note that any "fake" listings that were caught either during the set or at the last day checkup, will not count in this. Try not to mess with the players market at all. The most severe punishments are usually because of breaking player market rules.

Player with most persons in his friendlist: 5 fame points

All players that still have a supporter status in final day: +10 fame points
**Game restarts 3 days afterwards so the 10 fame points are given as a reward for the three days lost.

Hall Of Fame
Top 1-10 Booty Master Players enter Hall of Fame
Top 1-5 Gangs enters Hall of Fame
Players with 500 or more fame points enter Hall of Fame (500 fame points are removed)
***If you are already in hall of fame, you earn a star for every 500 fame points.
****Sorting of Most Famous players is done according to your other sum of fame points at that time.

That's all! Many different rewards for many different things because we want players to enjoy every aspect of the game.

We will also improve the coupon system (they will emailed only after request via the coupon page. So you will not miss your coupon again).
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Re: Awards for set #2

Post by Murzim » Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:27 pm

Two points:

1)The new fame system will eventually email the coupon at first place. Whoever has not got it, will be able to request it again through the fame page.

2)Fame points above 500 do not give any additional power. Also, players HAVE to request to enter hall of fame. They can do this anytime they gather 500 points or more.
One thing I know is that I do not know anything ~ Socrates

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