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Post by a21ozcoldcup » Wed Jul 30, 2008 6:09 pm

1. Using the forums is a privilege, at any time you may be banned or have your thread be modified/deleted.

2. Do not reveal snitch info, crime info, and crime completions in forums at any time.

3. Do not imitate a moderator or administrator. Do no imitate another player by using their account or name. Do not let other players use your account, you will be held responsible for anything they say.

4. If you are sharing a bug or typo from the game, leave it in the Bug Thread. When posting bugs, make sure you understand rule 2 (above).

5. Please keep pictures and words appropriate for all ages. Keep in mind this is a global community, so what might seem appropriate to you could offend others. If you are not comfortable with something someone else posted here, let a moderator know and they will decide what/if any other actions should be taken.

6. Pure advertising is not allowed. If you are going to post a link make sure you let others know what this is first. Also, no linking to inappropriate websites such as those containing pornographic or otherwise adult material.

7. Do not use the forums as a place to harass, insult, or reveal info about other players. Keep in mind, "trash talking" is allowed but only in the Gang Talk thread. We encourage gamers to be competitive and you can taunt or brag to other players in Gang Talk, but always remain respectful, after all this is only a game.
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