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Here you can find all important announcements of the game
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Version Tracking

Post by Murzim » Tue May 20, 2008 12:26 am

Here we keep track of Booty Master Version changes.

-Version 1.04
*Bug Fixes
*Sell Illegal DvDs crime rewards wimped
*Steal your wealthy neighbor now gives more xp.
*Rob a student after school now gives more xp.

-Version 1.1
*Bug Fixes
*Players are able to Buy/Sell Items in the players market.

-Version 1.13
*Bug Fixes
*Supporters are able to downgrade Defense Systems
*Name change to a crime. New name: Kidnap the School Mascot from a private school. Nothing else has been changed in the crime. Only the snitch details the name.

-Version 1.2
*Improvements on daily update script. Loading bar will now be much more accurate plus will let users know of how much time the last update took. Forum link & advertisement added up.
*Version check at the footer of each page now redirects to this post.
*Login Bug -enter- corrected. Now you will login no matter if you hit enter button with mouse or with your keyboard.
*Some typos corrected
*Auto Forum Account Creation added

-Version 1.2.3
*Bug Fixes
*More quotes/tips added
*Gang Ranking changed- Force introduced

-Version 1.2.5
*Free Willy Crime is now a gang crime.
*Steal Incriminating Videotape is now listed under "Normal Crimes

-Version 1.2.6
*Changes in daily update script so it will be executed a lot faster (UP to 90% decrease in total time).

-Version 1.2.7
*More weapons/armors added.
*Bullet Proof Vest with Micro Nano fibers armor became Unique. 100 pieces available.
*X-treme Laser Gun is now available at 3 pieces instead of 100, still able to be obtained only through steal weapons crime.
*Launch Satellite now costs 3,000,000 but only 10 pieces are available.
*One small bug issue regarding items count has been fixed.
*Uniques which were for sale for Black Market but have been sold out, will remain there with a -sold-Out- indication.

-Version 1.3
*Major Bug in crime engine regarding use of items in crimes has been fixed. Expect all your crime scores to rise considerably.
*Players are now able to select if they want their mobster to engage in battles during a crime.
*Top 10 Gangs function fixed.
*Gang Force bug after daily update fixed.
*Many typos fixed.
*One minor bug in rob someone after his ATM transaction crime fixed.

-Version 1.3.1
*Christmas Layout.
*Several Typo fixes
*Added warning for the rule regarding one gang per real player in gang pages.
*Player overview will show if this player is banned.
*Public Gang memberlists will show an icon for banned players. It will also show gender of the member as well as if it is a supporter. Visualization improved.
*Private gang memberships listing improved visually. They will also show an icon to banned players. Changed the way last login date appears (Supporter Feature). Finally names became click-able for everyone, opening the player overview. Buttons created instead of text links for administrator actions.
*Settings Icon will flash until the player has inserted his/her gender.
*Thieves online page got improved visually. It will now show supporters. Also it will show if a player is male or female.
*A new voting page has been added and is accesible through stats page.
*Created-Why Vote?- page.
*Gang Treasury now appears with commas in the gang main page.

-Version 1.3.2
*Strong Prison Guard mob now carries better weapon and armor, thus is stronger.

Version 1.3.3
*Fixed a bug in finances; Houses Expenses now do count in expenses.
*Supporters are now able to hide/show their online status.
*Icon Feature created. This means that from now on, admins will be able to install any icons for any players (meant to be used as a type of reward).
*Register page has a new layout.
*Specialties appearance changed while your skills show up instantly on mouse hover.
*Gang Force bug just after daily update fixed.
*Some typos fixed.

-Version 1.3.4
*Rob an ATM crime rewards slightly improved.
*NEW CRIME: Normal -Rob an Empty House - Will be valid till start of January.
Some new items added.\r\n*NEW ADDITION TO CRIME ENGINE: If you fail to kill a defender within 50 rounds, defender wins.
*Fixed a small bug that had to do with unique items awarding. It has affected none so far though.
*New mob added and is available for testing in PvP System for supporters.

-Version 1.3.5
*A bug that would let anyone see any battle report has been fixed. It is possible that you won''t be able now to see some of your old reports. Please report us these occasions and we will fix them for you.
*You are no longer able to see the name of someone who has engaged in a battle during his rob attempt against you, unless your recording systems got him. This is to balance the unfair result which was someone with 0 recording systems, able to see who is robbing him from the battles.

-Version 1.3.6
*Some issues regarding with defense equipment has been resolved.
*Supporters will now be alerted through the house defense page if they miss some item (so they won''t have to lose time checking it).
*More game statistics have been added and are viewable through the stats page for supporters.
*Some layout issues have been corrected.
*Each helpdesk page will also show a Booty Master link for that page. Copy & paste this code in your messages to show someone easily the page you want.
*A bug has been recovered concerning items in use when equipping them to mobsters.

-Version 1.3.7
*A bug that would not let people participate properly in a gang crime, fixed.

-Version 1.3.8
*News appearance changed.
*Crime: Intimidate someone rich rewards slightly changed.
*Gang Crime: Free Willy rewards slightly changed.
*Few typo fixes.
Anti Cheating / Security Upgrades
*Further code security enhancements.
*Fixed a minor login bug.
*Installed invalid emails system. Administrators are now able to black list an email so that the users cannot sign up under this.
*Site ban tested and given against a repeated rule breaker.
*Improved system, partially automatic for cheats in black market.
*System that monitors excessive targeting with associated accounts against a specific target is now operating.
*Automatic system for multiple gang memberships under construction.
*New addon system for further associated account tracking in planning. This system will allow players to automatically register multi accounts. In the same system people will be able to request permission for multiple gang memberships (ie two people on same pc).
*Moderators system still in planning

-Version 1.3.9
*Fixed a house defense bug that allowed to use more than 40 defense points.
*Fixed page layout of house defense page\r\n*Fixed a bug that did not allow all players to see gang crime battles.
Added up all armor item pictures.
*New newspaper release.
Added up some tool item pics.

-Version 1.4.0
*Enabled payment for supporter subscription by Mail

-Version 1.4.1
*Many many many more stats added for supporters.

-Version 1.4.2
*Billies Shotgun now is unique while its firepower has been reduced by 10%
*Fixed a persisting bug that would reveal the attacker identity insome battles, even if the recording systems have not catched the thief (Rob another player).
*Rob the local supermarket also awards potatoes in case of success (just for some humor).
*Some typo fixes
*Horse Feature almost ready

-Version 1.4.3
*Fixed Bug that was preventing supporters to see results in the crime list for some gang crimes.
*Photo of Willy is now one use only
*All ID cards are now one use only
*All crime items are now one use only.

-Version 1.4.4
*Online Players Indication moved to header
*Gang indication at header, now redirects on gang member list, on mouse click.
*Many Typo Fixes in helpdesk etc
*Fixed minor IE bug which preventer people with space into their username to see their overview when clicking on their name in the main page.
*Possible fix of a rare bug that has to do with equipped items fate when a mobster leaves player.
*Helpers feature created/assigned
*Visual/Practical Improvements in Thieves online page
-Horse Races System development progresses good and we may launch it before the end of January

Version 1.4.5
*System recovered from a critical bug. Although not of much importance, it could be responsible for different results in many crimes. The bug was ignoring a specific type of items. It is now fixed. Expect better results in the below crimes:
-Steal a bag from an elderly woman
-Boost a car
-Steal Weapons
-Rob an ATM
-Free Willy
-Steal incriminating videotape
-Grab the kannis dog of that rich lady
-Sell illegal dvds
-Break into a tech shop

Version 1.4.6-
*Secondary accounts are not able to attack ganged people. This is to prevent abuse as some people can use secondary accounts and target specific gangs. The main character (the one in a gang is considered as a main as you can only have 1 in a gang) will be able to attack just as usual.

Version 1.4.7-
*Luck Modifier has been reduced. Except bigger randomization in crimes.
*Excessive luck bonus given in gang crimes has been just removed. Luck will now work with the ways bonuses work in solo crimes.

For history, luck in gang crimes was able to improve things even by 25%

Except gang crimes results to drop up to this number.

Version 1.4.8-
*Fixed a bug that would save someone from losing his life if he had a high level house. Now he will die no matter what once died in a battle.
*Now, when someone has already been killed in a crime, he won't be able to initiate a battle again. The battle will start as usual but it will end without any blows dealt.

Version 1.4.9-
*New players market rules:
-New Auction creation, costs 3% of the starting price.
-If starting price is above 100 000, then it costs 5%
-Cancel fee is now 10% of the buy now price.
*Also, whenever someone uses buy now on an auction that already had a bidder, that bidder will be notified of the event (this was not a bug, just a forgot-to-add feature).
*Items in auction screen now appear in alphabetical order.
*A direct link to item auction has been out in items list.
*Fixed some bugs that had to do with in-game mail system.
*Players are now able to "FORWARD" saved messages in their sentbox.
*ENABLED multiple item award! Please report any unreasonable results that may occur.


**New players market rules;
*5% fee on starting bid for starting bids above 100 000 no longer in effect.
*All auctions now have a fee of 3% on the starting bid.
*If the auction is finished with the buy now method, the seller is charged with an additional 3% fee on the buyout price.

*New method to list auctions on players market: My Bids\
*Supporters will get to see the mobsters specialty in crime selection screen, in the drop down menu.
*Bug regarding mob ghosts has been fixed.
*Meat Ball item attributes/price was changed
*New Voting system enabled; Refer for instruction in how to use in the vote now page in-game.

Version 1.5-
New Crimes - Related to horse Feature:
Bribe Ortisia
Raid into a Horse Specialist store (Name changed to Raid into Sifarmakon Ltd)
Steal Horse Industry Facilities (last tuned: 02/March/2008)
Get construction plans from an architect
Destroy Incriminating Videotape
Blow up the office of a politician
Blow up the telephone station
Copy the Bootyland Mayor Signature
Kill Bill
Clear Bank Loan
Horse Race Feature launched

In planning:
-some finish ups in horse feature
-Improvements in black market
-Corrections in player rankings

Version 1.5.1:
-Players Online script has been improved; Now when someone log outs through the button option, it will not show him online.
-All players online will now be informed when a horse race opens for bets, no matter if they have a horse in this race or not.
-First prize is now calculated based on top 5 cash stalkers.
-Max payout is equal to first prize.
-Bet confirmation screen will show the max payout for this race for the newbies to recognize.

In planning:
-More news tickers during update regarding financial calculations.
-More options in sorting news.
-Bug fix of player market shortage regarding mobsters.

Big Projects under construction: (They are planned to finish within this set)
-A chain of crimes for the impossible crime.
-Friend list.
-New player info screen.
-Flash horse race.
-Bet Magazine.
-Liquid - bar industries.
-Another chain of crimes for these industries.

Version 1.5.2-
-Final ranking adjustments. The logic has not changed but there has been changes to round the power in a more natural way.

*Fixed a ranking bug.

Version 1.5.4-
*Prizes in horse races are now ALSO based on race level. The greater the level, the greater the prizes.
*Injury can happen in any horse during the race, not just the leader as it was till now.

Version 1.5.5-
*Secondary accounts can not longer spy people in gangs.
*When spying another person, there is a chance based on that person's recording systems that you will be recognized.
*When spying someone, any level above 20 the victim has, still counts a small portion in determining the amount of cash you need to spy him.
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Re: Version Tracking

Post by Murzim » Tue May 20, 2008 12:43 am

Version 1.5.6-
*In gang power, every member from level 1 to 9, receive a standard power bonus.

Version 1.5.7-
*New Rule: You cannot join another gang before 3 days pass from the moment you leave your old one. The code will not let you.
*The code will not let people from same gang to trade mobsters.
*Fixed a small bug that would let in rare occasions people to get a spy report by spending $1. A standard minimum amount has been set to prevent this.

Version 1.5.8->
*Blue Sensation is now one use item.

Version 1.5.9->
*Horse races will now be open for bets for 3 hours, instead of 2.

Version 1.6.0->
*Gangs need to have at least 5 persons in order to receive power ranking. (There was the thought to need 5 persons in order to create a gang but this would be a bad thing for newbies. So we made it the easy way. A "gang" after all it is a group of people.)

Version 1.6.1->
*Bootyland Central Bank crime now rewards fewer gold bars.
*A small change in main page layout.
*An extra statistic added in main page: Random All time #1 crime. It shows the person with the highest score at a random crime.
*Two new crimes were added: Pickpocket a Bootyland Agent, Steal B-Files
*Fixed a rare bug in battles with npcs in crimes where an npc would start from full hit points in next battle if its hit points were below 1% at the last battle it had.
*Added thumbnail image for each user avatar. This will be used soon in the new profile layout.

Upcoming Features (We are striving to have these ready till 15 of July):
-New Layout for profiles
-New crimes
-More treasure items
-Tutorial Mode (A nifty way to guide newbies into our game - code based)
-Rob another player upgrade - Many upgrades to the current system - introducing respect spending & a handful of new options. Way of defense will be upgraded too.
-Crime journal - It will keep track of all your crime scores & it will count in ranking. It will be percentage based. It will not be inserted in the current server but on a new one (see below)
-New server (Booty Master will get a second server, this means that two servers will run on the same time. The current one will not stop but will keep running. Players will be able to have characters in both servers. Each server will have absolutely NO connection with each other). This will probably happen at July 15th. Probably the rules will be the same for both servers but there may be some differences. Update will be set at a different time too (Probably 12.00 game time).

Version 1.6.2->
Gang members need at least 15 power to send mass messages.

Version 16.x to 1.7 -> (Since there are going to be many updates, additions in the following days, there will be no version tracking. Check here daily to see all the changes)

-Ability to mass sell any item to the black market. On item list, click on "Sell Mass"
-Names in mail inbox and sentbox are now clickable and will show player profile when clicked.
-New crime: The Lost Treasure
-New Crime: Inflitrate desert Military Base
-New Feature: Some crimes now may require a passkey in order to be successful. You will need to provide the passkey correctly or the crime will surely fail.
-New Feature: Supporters can now see the gang of each player in the online list. They can turn this feature ON or OFF through supporter panel.
-New Feature: House and Job levels of each gang member are now visible in gang memberlist page.

-User Profile page
-Award Fame feature is now enabled once again.
-DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT: Some limitations apply from now on.
In detail, you must meet the above requirements or the script will not delete your character:
a)Your character must not be performing any actions that will be calculated at the update (training, crimes, organized crimes etc).
b)Your character must not have already scheduled rob attempts against him.
c)Your character must not be a member of any gang.
d)Your character must not be selling anything or bidding on anything in the players market.
-Circus roberry now gives an extra item reward.
-Top 10 crimes drop down selection menu now lists crimes ordered by crime name.

-Fixed profile size in some parts of the game (mailbox,application list & horse races)

-Lower rewards for Bootyland Central Bank.
-Lower rewards for Intimidate Someone Rich.
-Each player will be able to do the same crime up to 3 times per day.
-Every new character will start with 14 turns This means that you start with double turns on first day.
-Gang member limit to 35 but there will be a wonder which will allow 15 more.
-Norwegian Star armor value reduced still the best in the game.
-New battle statistics info available to everyone - supporters can see it from now in pvp feature the rest in the new set
-NPCS always get luck. Your mobsters share the same luck as you.
-NPCs and mobs have 80% morale value. You can increase your mobsters morale up to 100% by using special points.
Note that the above two changes are expected to make all NPCs tougher in all crimes. Som we may need to wimp some npcs during the set after your feedback.
-Your mobsters will not die in battle except if they are level 1. They will instead lose a level.
-Maximum mobsters allowed in defense: 10
-Mobsters defeated in an attempt become available in another attempt in the same day if they are still alive.
-New feature -> Mobsters upgrades. {
New Feature Mobster Upgrades
-Upgrade for mobsters: Each mobster will earn 1 special point every day it remains under your command. This special points will be able to be used:
-1 point: Increasing 1 attribute point of any of the mob stats the player picks.
-1 point: Add 33 extra hit points to the mobster maximum 999 extra hit points
-1 point: -$250 wage minimum wage: $250
-1 point: +1% extra damage output max: 25%
-1 point: +1 morale point max 100%
-2 points: +1% dodge probability max: 25% only valid if mobster does not have dodge skill
-2 points: +1 level max:100
-3 points: -1% cut minimum cut 1%
-Player names auctioning and bidding in mobsters will become hidden.
-You will be able to bid on auctions of your gangmates. There will be a new feature regarding this too.
-You will not be able to bid on auctions of associated accounts.
-Ability to test your mobsters in pvp feature.
-7 pvps instead of 5 for supporters.
-Changing Battle reports for crimes: new appearance. PVP feature battle result will get upgraded too.
-Battle reports now show the weapon & armor of both defender and attacker. Also applicable to pvp feature battles.
-Hard Coded limit: No item can have a starting price greater than 125 millions.
-Update Avatar bug fixed.
-Crime history bug fixed.
-Gang membelist sort by specialties (supporter)
-Search feature for crime history list (supporter)
-Top Score sort for each crime in crime history list for quicker refference (supporter)
-Horse Races statistics for supporters.
-Sort methods for gang memberlist (power, rank, cash, level, last login)- Default sort: Game ranking
-New statistic for supporters: Players Market top20 keyword Searches, accessible through the stats page.
-Alphabetical item list in spy report
-Specialty tag next to mobster name in mobster list in rob another player (supporter)
-Fixed Top10 Crimes Bug
-Disabled score cap in crimes.
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Re: Version Tracking

Post by Murzim » Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:43 am

17 February
*Top 10 Highest Level
*Crime Journal
*20 new crimes(still non-activated)
*Rob Industry (Still Unfinished)
*Martial Arts give +10% xp bonus
*Charisma now gives +15% xp bonus
*New Characters start with charisma 3 but with 2 more attribute points.
*Destroy a bridge now gives less Cash
*Steal Gorgam Food Supplies now gives less crates
*Added Crazy Scientist Special Feature (More info will be revealed as you play the game by the game itself).

10 February
*From now on, in the last 2 hours before the update (22:00 to 0.00), you will be able to use Booty Courrier to send only crime items (meaning only the items which appear in this category).
*You can no longer cancel auctions with buying price equal or greater than 5 million Bootyland Dollars.
*Lowest buyout price for any item in players marker is the price market buys it.
*Automatic lockup of Courrier system in last 3 days (Notification last day before lockup included)
*Automatic lockup of ability to sell in players marker in last 4 days (Notification last day before lockup included)
*Bug Fix which would make surviving mobsters in defense tougher in the next round in same day.

5 December
-Skeleton is now weaker.
-Home Alone kid is now weaker.
-The Snitch has now 225 less hit points.

25 November
-Upgrade in crime page, mobster list. Now shows item equiped to each mobster next to the specialty indication. (supporters only).
-Upgrade in mobster list. Now shows specialty points available to each mobster when hovering the mouse over the micro icon of specialty (supporters only).

23 November
New Feature: Gang administrators have now access to transactions log of their treasury (they can see who deposited/withdrew cash,when,how much,to whom). The logging of treasury transactions starts from today.

11 November
-Your mobsters on house defense will begin every other battle with any remaining hit points instead of full. This is valid for both same and different attempts. Only case where mobster will start with full hit points is when it lost a level to a previous rob attempt on the same day; In this case it will start with full hit points. This rule is only valid on same day calculations. At the end of the daily update, alive mobsters will renew their health to maxiumum.
-When your mobster loses a level because of death in battle, a message is now generated.
-Fixed a bug that would prevent your mobster to use his extra hitpoints.
-Fixed a bug that would prevent your mobster to use his extra morale.

2-8 November
-Added new treasure item: 17th century cannonball.
-Tweaked Rolling Stones crime. The composure demand (in front of pop stars, you got to keep your cool eh ?) is no longer needed. This was done to make the crime slightly easier.
-Private guard became slightly less tougher.
-Bill became slighly less tougher.
-Strong prison guard became slightly less tougher.

1 November
-Fixed an old known bug that would mess item crew uses up.
-When an item equiped to a mobster of yours is stolen, a message will be generated.
-Daily update loading bar is now more corresponding to reality.
-Some daily update messages have been altered a bit.

29 October
-Strong Prison guard now wears a lesser armor.
-Commas now appear in messages.

16 October
-Military Base crime now accepts up to 3 players.
-Military Base crime guards are now weaker.
-New Crime: (Very Hard) Sneak into the President's Office
-New Crime: (Very Hard) Visit Bootyland Loremaster
-Crime Update: Bootyland State Treasury chain crimes completed. Reward of specific crime is special for the first ones to manage it (a special item)
-Terminator is now weaker.
-Terminator armor is now weaker.
-Some other minor crime changes (which are part of the chain crimes of Bootyland State Treasury. Like added/changed rewards. This includes Kill Snitch rewards which crime however has not been solved in the past.)
Known bug still unfixed: Wrong report sent in PVP feature when you select the other to see it.
-Some item values changes.
-Some new items.

09 October
-Fixed a bug that prevented multiple item rewards in a specific crime award type.
-Vote Icon changed
-Players Market cosmetic changes (hidden no longer shows for Last Bidder and Seller. Instead, you get an indication when the last bid is yours or if you are the seller).

07 October
-Administrators can now ban-unban a)anonymous message usage and b)user description in just a few clicks.

04 October
-Sifarmakon crime now gives more rewards.
-Players are now able to take participation to up to 2 races per day.
-Breedery owners receive 5% of the prize when a horse bred in their breedery, wins in a race, or takes 2nd place or 3rd. (Examples: Level 1 race prize is 200k. So breedery owners will get 5% of the 200k which is 10k. The rest 190k will go to the horse owner. For lvl 10 races, the prize for winner is 2millions. So the breedery owner takes 100k in this situation, while the horse owner get 1,9millions. There will be buffs to training grounds. It is expected that breederie owners cooperate with trainery grounds. There will be create contract types to boost cooperation.).

02 October
-Fixed a bug which prevented the print of informing message when a user lost a mobster to inability to page the wage.
-Some tweaking in daily update functions will now enable it to run even faster.

25 September
-Gang administrators can now choose if they want their gang to be invite only or not.
-Cosmetic fix: gang page
-Cosmetic fix: gang page on click at application list
-New attempted trend: Global Roleplaying events with forums feedback.
-Contracts feature about to get launched. We will launch each contract type slowly and not all at once, mostly because every type has much work and it would take ages if we wanted to release all options at once.
-New trend: Administrators got their own gang.
-Cosmetic Fix: Invitation message

Here are the first ones:
-The proposed changes in the change list for this set regarding special rules in players market for mobster trading will not come into effect eventually. Exception is the hidden mask. The rest changes will still leave loopholes open so I have decided to create a "loan system" for gangmates mobster sharing. Till the loan system is launched, you are still allowed to trade mobsters with your gangmates but in fair terms (no $1 sales etc)
-Graffiti Spraying rewards slightly wimped.
-Added text code for each players market auction. You can get the code at the bottom of each auction window. the code is [auction]auction ID[/auction]
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Re: Version Tracking

Post by Murzim » Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:30 am

April 19 2009
-Ability to ban descriptions of players or gangs has been introduced.
-New rule: Moderator/administrator baiting is now forbidden. Privates Messages for any problems is the only way to take when there is a problem.
-Limitation applied to certain hidden strategy in battles during rob attempts(the limit for crimes already existed). Limit is up to 25% max.
-Non-main characters cannot finish their auctions prematurely, in players market.
-Game time now shows seconds as well.
-Gorgam Crime awards less crates.
-Some new items were added.
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