You need to let everyone know you are recruiting ? Perhaps inform them of your newly established gang ? Or let the other gangs know you are the best by bragging and boasting ? Or finally you could use this thread to declare war to that particular boastful gang.
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Post by antonis » Fri Jul 03, 2009 1:49 pm

Nightmare is looking for 2-3 players.

Requirements: 1)Only active players
2)Msn account (if possible)
3)Willingness to help the gang
4)Correct attributes
*Level of the player or type of specialities are not that important

We offer: 1)Opportunity to learn the game
2)Being part of the top gang

If interested, send a message in-game to Fred.
(21:33:21) Antonis: just quit begging my players for info
(21:33:39) Rodachul: it is a legitimate way to find info.

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