Nemesis(?) next set

You need to let everyone know you are recruiting ? Perhaps inform them of your newly established gang ? Or let the other gangs know you are the best by bragging and boasting ? Or finally you could use this thread to declare war to that particular boastful gang.
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Nemesis(?) next set

Post by Yotbol » Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:38 pm

Nemesis will be around next set. Not with this name, it's far too serious. :P We'll try a funnier approach, although we haven't decided yet on what it will be exactly. But the core of the gang will be the same, as will be the idea behind it:

Mostly crime oriented, with a decent robbing team. Our primary goal will be to solve the new crimes, as well as maximize the efficiency in solving the existing ones(namely the impossible crime).

We'll be accepting new players, but all we require are 2 things:
1) To be active. The most important thing of all. If there will be programmed crimes and someone goes missing and puts us out of scheduly(especially at harder crimes), this won't help the gang at all and it will frustrate the rest of the players in the gang.
2) Being able to follow simple guidelines(what to bring at what crimes, when to join a gang crime etc).

We don't care if you have knowledge of the game already, we can provide you the knowledge. Just be active and willing to participate in a gang, help the gang with the role you'll be assigned with and you'll reap the rewards from the big crimes in return(be it xp, cash or both).

If anyone is interested, shoot me a private message here in the forum and I'll explain more things in private.

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Re: Nemesis(?) next set

Post by BackStabb3R » Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:51 pm

Hai,i'm new hear .

I wanna be part of dis new gang bat I no nothing.

healp pls,me needz caSh

caSh mengz :geek:

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