Nightmare - Recruit

You need to let everyone know you are recruiting ? Perhaps inform them of your newly established gang ? Or let the other gangs know you are the best by bragging and boasting ? Or finally you could use this thread to declare war to that particular boastful gang.
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Nightmare - Recruit

Post by antonis » Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:31 am

Nightmare is now open and will be accepting a limited number of players the following days.

1) Only active players
2) Play for the team
3) Players with msn account will have an advantage.

What Nightmare offers:
1) The chance to be part of the best gang in the game
2) Opportunity to do all the crimes or solving new ones
3) The chance to learn the "secrets of the game"

Whoever is interested send a pm in-game in Antonis
(21:33:21) Antonis: just quit begging my players for info
(21:33:39) Rodachul: it is a legitimate way to find info.

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