Actions Sequence

A common mistake that many players do, is not to pay proper attention to actions sequence. This is a BIG mistake indeed as the actions sequence is VERY IMPORTANT.

Firstly, here is what happens at daily update (as per your actions):

1.Crimes (a.Gang Crimes b.Solo Crimes)
2.Robberies against other players
3.Character & Crew Training
4.Workshops Update
5.Upkeep Calculation
6.Raising Levels
7.Job Applications Resolution
8.Real Estate Constructions
9.Top Scores Calculation / Rankings

Secondly, for each phase, strict sequence is followed. This means that the first player to store a crime will be the first one to have his crime calculated. But what is indeed important is that the first crime you organize will be calculated first. The second will follow etc etc.

So for example, if you organize your actions in this way: 1.Rob another player 2.Boost a car 3.Job Application 4.Character training.

Then the real sequence during the update will be:
Boost a car
Rob another player
Character Training
Job Application

What you need to remember to yourself is that each action has a reaction. There are crimes for example, that will tire your thief. If after a tiring crime you put him to do a crime where he has to be fresh and rested, he will have trouble doing well.

However, there are solutions to this. Crimes not only give negative affects but also positive. You will have to search for the specific crimes that will improve your character's condition before attempting yet another difficult crime.

Finally, remember that if your character dies during a battle and he has one or more crimes after this one, he will most probably fail (Not always though). So perhaps it would be a good idea to schedule the battle crimes last. Or perhaps you should seek ways to negate this unfortunate event.
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