Basic Newbie Guide by playboy


One of the first things you should do is pick a specialty.
How to choose one?

1) if you are going to join a gang(recommended), ask your gang leader.
2) if you are going alone(not recommended), here are a couple of good

A basic character build is generally speaking based on two high attribute
scores. One specialty will be chosen to match one of those high attribute
scores and the other two specialties will be chosen to match the other high
attribute score. This type of build is a good idea for anyone just
starting in BootyMaster. It is capable of many crimes and is easy to
understand and play. Also, this allows a new player to specialize in one
aspect of solo crimes. This makes them more valuable for the gang b/c they
will be very good at certain crimes. Also, it allows the new player to
succeed and
have the opportunity to learn the effect of his or her specialties on the
game at large.

Consider this a general guide to picking which crimes to attempt-
You got 14 turns. Do sell dvds, steal wallet on a bus and get a job.
train your skills.

DAY 2-

Raid into Sifarmakon Ltd
buy a cheap locks mob, if you have locks, buy a explosives mob.
also buy following items-
BMW isetta
xtreme key

do this crime once. it will give you a number of items which will be around
$20k-30k when sold. a very good crime for cash in first week.

for Rob student
a weapon
a jacket
a voucher for free food
AND REMOTE CONTROL CAR (don't worry, remote control car is unlimited use)
This is an excellent crime for anyone who wants to level quickly. The
higher your charisma, the more xp you will gain from this crime. This crime
awards a little cash and double xp. This crime can be used at any level
between 1st and 100th to level quickly.

once you have nice mount of cash (around $65k)
buy the following- isuzu truck 100(30k), machine gun(12k), basic pc, booty
xp, hacking for dummies program, pro hacking program, hacking paradise
program(8k total combined cost)and a strong comp mob, lvl 15+(6k-10k).

and do following crime-
the lost treasure
take isuzu truck, hacking paradise and comp mob. equip comp mob with
machine gun. password is kortik.

the crime will give you a number of gold bars which will be around 200k-
250k when sold.

keep doing rob a student for quick levelling.
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