Booty Master CHAT

Booty Master has its own chat room.

There are two ways to access our chat room:

1.Click on open chat button at the main page of your character.

2.Connect with an irc client to and join channel #booty-master

For user who want to register their nickname so other people do not get it from them, visit and register an account there.

Note that this chat room, is not hosted in a server owned by us. We only host the web based chat Java applet which connects to the chat servers of Gamesurge. This means that we have no control other than the administration of our channel so be careful not to give any password.

For any help you can join channel #support while Booty Master admins will be also able to help you.


1. Do not throw harassments or insults or use offensive language toward anyone.

2. Do not spam or type nonsense once or multiple times.

3. Pure advertising is not allowed. If you are to post a link make sure you firstly let others know what this is.

4. Revealing in-game info regarding other players is not allowed. If you want to share such information, do it privately.

5. Only Moderators / Administrators will have operator status.

6. Impersonating administrator or other players nicknames is strictly forbidden and will result in game ban.

Violation of the rules will initiate with a warning. If the user does not comply it will result in a kick or a timed ban. Multiple violations will result into a permanent ban.
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