Bootyland History

Bootyland was created in 1621 by Churris Nock, a tough man, leader of a
tough group of people who came from the west to seek a better life. The
first government was a Democracy and Churris Nock became the first
President of Bootyland.

The first years of this new nation were peaceful as people focused in
building up the country by opening roads, constructing important buildings,
and generating income by exporting goods. Life was simple and peaceful
until the appearance of Averel Falton, a young but dynamic philosopher.

Averel Falton quickly showed that he was interested in political power, and
in a few years he managed to create a huge uprising. In 1667, he overthrewn
the government and the child of Churris Nock, who was President at the time
but no match to his father. Averel accused him for being carefree and too
soft. The Democracy became a Dictatorship, and Averel Falton proclaimed a
series of new morals for every Bootyland citizen. In his book named My
Thoughts for a Better Tomorrow, Falton supported the idea "Why work when we
can steal from our neighbors?"

FaltonĘs book drastically impacted the newly shaped Bootyland culture. A
culture that started with "We are tough" has been continued by "We can
steal from our neighbor".

This newly created theory has been used immediately against Bootyland
neighbors of that time. Falton created an army of thieves and started
robbing all the wealthy neighbor states. In time he was able to buy
weapons, afford a real army, and he started expanding the borders of

Falton died in 1714 in the age of 71, leaving behind a thriving state that
managed to live by its army. The years that followed were difficult though,
as there was no one to be found to continue FaltonĘs plan. Slowly but
steadily the glorious armies of Bootyland started to deteriorate, while the
neighbors of Bootyland started becoming more and more aggressive.
Ultimately, Bootyland was forced into a famous defeat on the 18th of June
in 1815 by a coalition of all Bootyland neighbors. After 144 years,
Bootyland state entered peace once again. However this peace was under the
armed presence of foreign forces.

The years that followed the defeat were highlighted by a series of violent
events that included frictions between Bootyland citizens and the foreign
armies. Eventually, foreign countries decided that it was not in their best
interest to maintain armies in Bootyland, as there were not only the
continuous frictions and battles with the locals but also numerous
incidents of thievery against their armies.

So in 1821, at the 200 years anniversary since the creation of Bootyland,
the nation was ready to breathe freedom again. However, this meant little
to the citizens, who continued their habits of stealing from each other.

Governments did nothing to reduce crimes, as they were focused in how much
they would be able to take from the citizens in the same way: thievery
while struggling to maintain power, as many citizens were interested in
being at the top of the government, the Presidency.

Years passed till the First World War came. However Bootyland was not
affected much by this war. During World War II things were much different!
In these times, people were hungry and looking for even the most basic of
things for living. Bootyland saw a huge opportunity!

With little interest in battling, Bootyland people began to understand how
important it was to sell their stolen goods for high prices. Many of them
made a fortune selling items on the black market, items that seemed to have
most demand, often at 10 times (or higher) the actual price.

When the war ended, Bootyland found itself in the best condition. It used
the huge cash reserves that were created during the war to bring back their
big forces, gaining more lands as a return, all the while signing peaceful
pacts for a hundred years!

BootylandĘs good economical status was the reason for many new companies to
start, which during the years became so strong that the thieving attempts
against them were not a problem. In 1965, Mariah Jackson, the first woman
President of Bootyland, created the Bootyland Defenses LTD. The year that
followed, Bootyland Central bank was created, which led to the creation of
the Bootyland Treasury in 1971. Bootyland treasury is currently the worldĘs
largest depository of gold. Mariah Jackson proclaimed the Treasury as "The
Safest Place in the World". Rumors say that Terminator-like robots are
guarding this dream for every thief.

Mariah JacksonĘs period is said to be the most prosperous for Bootyland
after the time of Averel Falton. Though using different ways, Jackson had
managed to create a very strong economy that attracted even more industries
while she also took a brave stand against crime.

This particular stand has not stood well, nor felt good, for the
traditional gangs of Bootyland, especially the ones of Mastercity. The last
gangs tried many times to intimidate Jackson, but they never seemed
convincing enough. Ultimately, Mariah Jackson was murdered in 1986. A
continuous fight of unstable political powers that strived to get control
marked the years that followed.

Finally, in February of 2007, a new President has been arranged for
Bootyland, acquiring a surprising 68% of the votes. The new President,
under the name of Revenger, brings a very bad reputation in his back, being
one of the former leaders of the strongest gangs in Mastercity. Many claim
that his election in 2007 was a result of election spoofing, and much
intimidation towards the voters.

So far, the government is living up to its PresidentĘs fame.
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