Bootyland and Mastercity

Bootyland and Mastercity

Our game takes place in Mastercity, capitol of Bootyland.

-Bootyland is a moderately populated country with around 40 million people.

The government of Bootyland is corrupt. The current President (under the name of Revenger in-game) is rumored to be a former leader of a notorious gang that troubled Bootyland citizens for many years. It is also rumored that during the latest elections, he used underground methods to spoof the results as well as intimidating voters. So he finally found himself as the President. From that point on, crime has soared everywhere in Bootyland because the government does not seem to care. This is in spite of the daily promises of Bootyland Secretary, Alisia.

-Mastercity is a very large metropolis, consisting of 10 million people.

* Northern suburbs are full of high-security villas, which most of the time are deserted.

* Western suburbs are full of ordinary people who live peaceful lives, who also have a good economic status.

* Southern suburbs are where Bootyland˘s biggest companies house their headquarters. People similar to those of the western suburbs populate it, however ones here are richer (and better secured too!).

* Eastern suburbs are where the rich people reside, and many of these also have a villa at northern suburbs. However security of this area is very high.

* The center of the city is where crime reports are higher than any other part of the city. All kind of folks live here and most travel through it during their daily lives. It is also a heaven for crooks and thieves.
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