Completion Rate

Completion Rate
->Each crime has a completion rate which is relevant to your score to it. To get maximum completion rate (aka 100%) you need to reach or overcome max crime score.

Completion rate matters in ranking!!

You can check your completion rates in your crime journal. (Click stats then crime journal button)

If you have a score higher than the max score for a crime, the completion rate in your journal will still show 100% however you will get the extra bonus in your ranking just as normal. This is done to keep the journal page pretty.

This feature affects ranking score heavily. In detail, the new rank script is as follows:
New Rank Script = Old rank script total points + ( Old rank script total point * Overall Completion rate / 200

In other words: Total Points = Total Points + Total points * Completion rate / 200

Which in descriptive words means that the Completion rate can add up to 50% more points (maybe more if you have constantly more than the max score in each crime).

So, someone with a total completion rate of 68% and 10.000 points, will have with this new element:

New Score = 10.000 + 10.000 * 68 / 200 = 13400 aka a bonus of 13.4% for this ammount.

Here is a screen shot of the new element as shown in the crime journal:
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