Crimes are the main feature of the game. You have to resort to crimes if your current job isn't supplying enough money or experience.

In order to get to the crime page you have to click the button at the menu.

Once you click on the button you will be taken to the Crime page. You will be given a list of crimes that you are able to conduct at that time.

After picking one you will be given details of the crime as well as the possibility to pay an information dealer, a "snitch", in order to get further information on the crime.

The snitch can prove to be really useful, especially in complicated and difficult crimes so consider this option very carefully each time.

->Each crime costs a number of turns which are deducted as soon as you pick the crime.

->Crime result won't be immediately available to you. You will only be able to see the results AFTER Booty Master has run its daily update.

->If you are successful, crimes may earn you many different types of rewards. The most common is experience and cash. Occasionally you may earn items or only items. Crime rewards are relative on how good you went in your crime attempt.

->Whenever you commit a crime, you may spot your wanted level increasing. Other secondary attribute levels may also increase or decrease. This is because every action... has a reaction!

->If your crime is failed, you won't have any penalties. Although this comes against the reality check, we think that in order for the game to be delightful there should be no penalties in case you fail. However, when attacking other players, there will be penalties, even if you fail.

->If you create a gang crime, it will remain open for three days or until it is filled with the required amount of people needed. Then the gang crime will be ready to take place during the daily update. If the crime doesnt fill out within 3 daily updates, it will then proceed to take place.

->Some crimes may need you to insert a passkey. A passkey is some piece of information that can be found through the game. Whenever you are asked for a passkey, you MUST provide it correctly or else the crime will not succeed, even if all the other selections are correct.
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