Fame and Respect

Booty Master happily introduces Fame & Respect.


This is the role playing meter of your character. It is counted in Role Playing points. RP points are awarded by game admins whenever they feel you are worthy of it. You can earn RP points in various ways. Such ways are:
-By helping other players. This will be certified by an admin himself, or by a message sent by the member who received the help. Help via forums, DOES count.
-By picking a good name for your character.
-By inspiring other players to role-play via your actions. In such case an admin will have to either see it for himself or get a message from the player who has been inspired.
-By contributing ideas for the game.
-By reporting bugs.
-For referring new players
-Fame Points are NEVER lost. This means that as long as your character stays alive, so does Fame. Even if the game starts from scratch, fame points will be preserved.

Fame From Newbies

-If the person you helped is a newcomer, then there is a good chance to gain a fame point from there as well as newcomers are able to award some fame points.
-Every new person in the game has a link in the center of their screen. Once the link is clicked. You put in the players name and send the point.
-Can only send 1 fame point per day
-Can only send it to the same person 1 time
-Have a minimum of 5 days to use them before they expire


This is the "ROB another Player" meter. It is counted in respect points. The better you are in this chapter, the more respect points you get. Respect points are given automatically during the daily update.

Note also that Fame counts in the general ranking for the best Booty Master.
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