Game Rules


1. One rule above all
Each account must play first and foremost for its best interest.

2. Hacking/Scripts/Bots & Bug Abuse
Trying to hack into the server or into the accounts of other players, or otherwise messing with the game itself is strictly forbidden. Use of scripts or bots is not allowed and possible use will result in a site ban.

Any bug found must be reported immediately to game administrators. Players found abusing bugs found will have their characters deleted.

3. Harassments
Harassment to other players is strictly forbidden. Please mind your attitude and language at all times. Be polite and have fun.

4. Associated Account Rules

"Associated account rules" apply to those with 2 or more Booty Master accounts, and those who access Booty Master from the same computer/IP address. If you fall into this category, read the following carefully to avoid accidentally getting into trouble!

What is an associated account?

* Those who run more than one account
* All accounts run by more than one person but sharing a IP address. This includes accounts run by your little brother or a visiting cousin sharing your computer and all those using a network to play Booty Master.
* 'Feeder' accounts - those who trade privately with a limited number of people on a non-reciprocal basis.
* 'Holding' accounts - those which are used to 'hold' goods before being transferred to another account which would be regarded as an associated account.

No actions at all between associated accounts are allowed. This includes the following:

* Use the friend-get-friend feature.
* No crimes actions between associated accounts .
* Trading between associated accounts.
* Target excessively someone with both accounts
* Only one account of those you own is allowed to participate in a gang. The rest must be without one. In the case that 2 or more different persons play in the same IP, special admin approval is needed for both persons in order to join a gang.
* Associated accounts are not able to attack ganged people. This is to prevent abuse as some people can use secondary accounts and target specific gangs. The main character (the one in a gang is considered as a main as you can only have 1 in a gang) will be able to attack just as usual.

5.You must not MILK
Milking is a form of cheating. It is the intentional movement of resources between two consenting parties and the intentional protection which results from exploiting the protection rules. Common examples are:
(1) Set up attack against a player in order to prevent others attacking him.
(2) Using the player market to protect your resources.
(3) Moving your mobsters from one to another in order to save yourself from high cut for a day.

You are only allowed to intentionally exchange items within a gang through the Courier System.
You are only allowed to intentionally send cash within a gang, through the gang treasury.

6. Protect Your Info

* It's up to you to keep your account safe.
* Don't give your password to anyone.
* Any attempt to get other user passwords will result in a permanent ban.
* If your account is hacked, report this to Booty Master administrators immediately.
* Booty Master brings no responsibility in case your account is hacked nor any responsibility to restore anything. We will however strive to restore everything we can. In such case you will need to provide convincing info that the account is indeed yours.

7. Age & Other

* You have to be at least 13 years old to play Booty Master. In case you are not, you can still play if you get permission from your parents and/or your legal guardian.
* Booty Master Game Elements (including crimes, items, location etc) are a fantasy world which is not connected in any way with reality. Any similarities found with real persons/circumstances are considered completely random.
* DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. No matter your age you must not try any of the actions you do in Booty Master in the real world. You must understand that Booty Master is a game and its purpose it to provide entertainment to players all over the world through a fantasy fun world. Trying anything presented in Booty Master can in the real world easily mean law breaking, something we are completely against. Thieving is no good, do it in Booty Master but never in the real world.


* Booty Master offers to its users the ability to message each other through an in-game mail system and the ability to chat in the forums. You are not allowed to spam in any of them nor any other chat that will be launched by Booty Master in the future. This means that you got to refrain from advertising, posting or sending the same thing multiple times, sending meaningless messages etc. Violators of spam can be easily reported to admins and we will take care of the rest. Take note that punishments for spam can be very severe.

9. Chat Room and Forums

* Using the chat room is a privilege, at any time you may be kicked or banned from the chat if your behavior isn't good. Take note of the following rules:

1- Do not enter chat while using another players alias.
2- Do not spam messages in chat.
3- Do not curse.
4- Treat all others with respect.
5- Do not spread snitch info in chat.

* Using the forums is a privilege, at any time you may be kicked or have your thread be modified/deleted.

1- Do not reveal snitch info, crime info, and crime completions in forums at any time. Even if there is a typo. Message an Admin to have it fixed.
2- Please keep all pictures and words appropriate for all ages.
3-Pure advertising is not allowed. If you are to post a link make sure you firstly let others know what this is.
4- Do not use the forums as a place to harass, insult, or reveal info about other players.

[b]10.Administrator Baiting

Administrator / Mod Baiting (open discussion of a previously issued moderation or administrative action) is prohibited. Contact a moderator or administrator via e-mail, pm, or other private method of communication to refute or discuss a moderation or administrative action.


* Penalties for breaking the rules can be extremely severe and can span from fame points / cash / items / attributes / etc removal to account block. This means that you will lose the characters involved in the cheating. In some occasions, we may block ALL accounts that seem to belong to you.


We are striving to create an entertaining environment for everyone to enjoy! Always keep in mind that Booty Master is, after all, a game!. Have fun!
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