Gang Management

Gang leadership, once a gang is created, gangs gain access to a handful of management pieces. These include:

Send Mass Mail -> Everyone can use it and in this way members of the gang can communicate with all the others.

Member list -> Everyone can see it but only those of rank 80 and higher can utilize it to manage someones' rank and title while those of rank 90 and above are even able to kick others out (as long as the power rank of the one they attempt to kick out is lower than theirs).

Edit Description -> Members with rank 80 and above are able to edit the guild description, homepage, and irc channel.

Applications/Invitations Lists -> Through here everyone can see the current applicants as well as the invitations that have been sent out. Administrators accept through here the new applicants while they can withdraw any invitations sent.

Invite Members -> This is the tool the administrators can use in order to invite other people.

Member Ranks -> Each rank in a gang allows you gang power. At level 85 you have the power to invite and accept people into a gang. At level 95 you have the power to dispense money from the treasury to gang members. If at any time the leader leaves the gang the person with the highest power becomes the new leader. Only the leader can control member ranks. Also keep in mind if someones rank is higher then someone elses they have the power to kick that person from the gang.
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