Graffiti Spraying Crime Solution

Graffiti Spraying Solution

Here we will see how you can do the graffiti spraying crime. As the crime description says all you want to do is go out there and get these walls full of graffiti!

Step 1:
In order to do the graffiti you will need a spray can! Go buy one at the black market!
To access the black market from any page click on and then on

Step 2:
If you pay the snitch you will see he recommends us to be swift and have much energy.
The above statement reffers to your character attributes. In this crime you have to be rested high stamina and swift high dexterity. You should always put higher priority to secondary attributes demands. Primary attributes are most important for your specialties.

Step 3:
So are we set ? Not yet. Using your common sense wouldn't it be better if we used some way to conceal our identity? This way it would be less risky. So go to the black market and buy a mask in tools category.

Final step:
Select the crime menu by clicking on then select Very easy Crimes category and finally Graffity Spraying from the list.

In the option menu select your two items: Spray Can and Mask and commit the crime!

That's it! You will see the results in the next daily update which happens in 0.00 game time. Note that this crime does not need any of your specialties and everyone can do it.

Each crime may need different specialties each time which will play an important role in crime success.
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