Hiring Mobsters

If you find that you need extra help for a crime then you should consider hiring a thief.


In fact hired mobsters just add to your character an extra specialty and different stats plus the ability to carry extra items to a crime. That's all!

Quick Facts
1.You can hire as many mobsters you want If you can afford them.
2.When you hire a mobster you prepay him a wage as a signing fee.
3.If you want to fire a mobster you will have to pay his wage * 3 as a release fee.
4.You can train your mobsters skills and get them up to 100%.
5.Mobsters cost a weekly wage one real day which is deducted from your total at the end of each daily update After incomes are recorded.
6.Mobsters also get a cut on your daily earnings at the end of each daily update If you have no profit thieves get no cut.
7.Mobsters get one action per week. For example you can either take them along on a crime attempt only once or you can have them train or have them guard your house etc. More actions will be added as time passes on
8.You cannot fire a busy mobster.
9.If you have no money to pay the mobsters at the end of the week the mobsters will desert you. You will also receive a stealth and wanted penalty as important info will leak out. The amount of the penalty depends on the amount of time the thief has spent with you.

Regarding Special Points
Every day EACH MOBSTER you own EARNS a special point. You can spend the special points of each mobster by clicking on its name in your mob manage screen.
Here are the details:
-1 point: Increasing 1 attribute point of any of the mob stats the player picks.
-1 point: Add 33 extra hit points to the mobster maximum 999 extra hit points
-1 point: -$250 wage minimum wage: $250
-1 point: +1% extra damage output max: 25%
-1 point: +1 morale point max 100%
-2 points: +1% dodge probability max: 25% only valid if mobster does not have dodge skill
-2 points: +1 level max:100
-3 points: -1% cut minimum cut 1%

Some Details

Regarding Skills and Stats

Stats are very important. The most important primary attribute of each character is the one that is also primary to the specialty. For example if you want a thief who has specialty Locks you should look to find one with high Composure as composure is the primary attribute when calculating skill efficiency.

The rest of the stats are still counting. In fact if you take a thief along in a crime your stats + his stats/2 for each attribute will be the value applied for calculation. So perhaps this should be the second thing to look for when searching for thieves as you could take someone who is stronger at the points your character is weak.

IMPORTANT: If the hired thief has the SAME specialty with you the engine will calculate who is best and only one value will be counted! If the hired thief is better than you its value will count or else your value will count. So adding up thieves of the same specialty don't really help.
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