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Welcome to Booty Master Horse Feature!

This help file will try to give you a short overview of everything related to this feature. More spicy details however you will have to discover by yourself or refer to your friends.

*Two types of industries
*You can own only one of them: either a horse breedery or a training ground
*There is an industry update which takes place every day at 12.00 Game time. (10.00 GMT)

Horse Breedery

With this industry you will be able to raise horses. New horses will appear in your list, each one with its own characteristics. Every horse you get will be level 1.

The better your breedery, the better stats the horse you raise will have. Multiple factors play a role here.

Breedery Owners do get to name a horse the way they like. Each horse name is unique. Make sure the names are appropriate.

Horse Training Ground

Each horse can attain levels up to 10. To do so, you must train them in a horse training ground. It is the only way.

The better the training ground, the faster the training. Owners do choose where to focus during training.

Food & Medication & Health

Food -> defines how much food is available to your horses. The more, the better.
Medication -> defines how much medication your horses have taken so far. The less, the better.
Health -> defines the overall condition of your facility. The higher, the better.

By the time you have a training ground or a breedery, each horse consumes some food each day. In case you have a breedery and you run out of food, your baby horses will perish till there is enough food for all.


Horses start as babies in the horse breederies. They are then raised to adult horses. Adult horses appear in your breedery & training ground list as well as in your item list.

Each horse is like any other item. It can be manipulated just like other items, meaning that you can trade it in the players market or steal it from another player.

Each horse is a unique item. If you choose to sell it to the black market, it will be lost forever.

Every horse can have one of these three types:

Horse type is of great importance to its behavior during the race. Head horses tend to go for a smashing start. Normal horses have no preference while Steyer horses will look to attack during the end of the race. All these greatly affect the horse's morale and this is something to keep in mind when placing your bets.

Horse Attributes

*Acceleration -> Determines how fast a horse can gain speed.
*Strength -> Determines how easily the horse gains acceleration. It directly affects energy spent for acceleration.
*Pace -> Determines how good the horse can gallop.
*Balance -> Determines how easily the horse can gallop. It directly affects energy spent for pace.
*Constitution -> Defines max energy pool.
*Obedience -> Determines how disciplined a horse is. Defines max morale pool.
*Morale -> Morale affects every horse move and it is affected by mood,form,wins.
*Stamina -> % of the energy left at the horse. Energy is used for the horse to move.
*Form -> Determines how well the horse has performed in previous races.


Once you have a horse, no matter its level, you can participate in a race. All you have to do is select this in the main horse screen.

Races are setup automatically to prevent any kind of cheating. The rules that apply are:
-Maximum level difference between horses in a race can be 2.
-When you register yourself for a race, you will be seeded in a race that has the most similar levels of horses.
-Every player can register himself for one race per daily update.
-A race will take part once 8 horses are registered for the same race.


Once all eight horse participants finish their registration, the race opens for bets. The race will remain open for about 2 hours before it takes place.

During this time, players will be able to register bets. There is no limit to bets but one: Maximum Payoff PER RACE is set to 2 million dollars. For example, if you place a bet for 1.5 million dollars at 2.0 odds. The total amount of money you receive will be 2 Million dollars, because of the Maximum Payoff Cap. So bet wisely. Also to double check if the payoff is higher then 2 million. Click the bet type, choose the horse(s), enter total of your bet, and click calculate.

There are 4 types of bets available.
You can get detailed info about them in the bets screen.

Once you register a bet, your cash will be deducted immediately from your total. When the race takes place, you will be alerted about the results and be given any earnings. For the time, bet earnings and cash spent, are not calculated in your financial details so pay attention to this detail.

Race Results

Once the race takes place, all participants will be informed of the results. Soon a graphical representation of the race will be available. Race results are calculated round by round by our engine which takes in mind every single stat a horse has.

The winner of the race receives a trophy (special icon) and the winning cash prize. Second and third also receive cash prizes.

After a race, a horse will get some side affects. These are:
-Stamina loss
-Mood & Form changes

Stamina recovers every day during the industry update. There are various facts that affect how fast a horse will recover.


-There is a 12% chance in the last 3 rounds of the race that any horse will get injured. In case a horse is injured it does not mean that it will not finish. Its speed will drop to 5/ms and if other horses are close to it, it will lose position.

Weight Penalty

As in real races, a winner horse always gets a weight penalty at the end of the race so things are more even for any future race. If a horse that has a weight penalty does not win the races, it loses weight according to its position.

Bet Magazine

This will be a special feature for supporters. Five different journalists, each one with their own appearance and personality will give their verdicts for each race.

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