House Defense

House Defense

In order to defend against robbing attempts from other players, you have to create proper defenses in your house. There are 5 categories which you can take care. Let's take a more detailed look.

Firstly, You get 40 Defense Points! This means you can make a total of 40 upgrades. The total number of upgrades available is 50, 10 for each category. So you got to choose wisely where to spend your defense points.

Secondly, Apart from one Defense point, each category needs one item/upgrade. This item can either be bought from the black market or can be obtained through a robbery. High level items (9 and 10) are uniques and are only available in a stable number. This means that if you are too late you won't find them in the market! There is always the choice of stealing it from another player or buying it from another player.

Thirdly, You cannot upgrade a level higher than your current house level! This means you will first have to buy a new house and then upgrade.

Fourth, Improvements are not lost when you buy a new house. Also, if you try to sell an item that you used to upgrade, you will lose one level. The same will happen if someone steals you this item! So if for example you got level 10 Detection and someone steals your lvl1 Detection Equipment, it will be like you have lvl9 Detection till you get back or buy a new detection system lvl1. Lastly, feel free to sell excess sets (You might steal one you already have, you can sell it in such occasion).

Let's see what each category has to offer:

Detection Systems

You can't leave your house without detection systems. These systems include movement sensors, laser lines, and many other things. Combined with a good set of traps you can make your house a real unbreakable castle. But always remember... every system has a crack! Nothing is perfect!

-These are very important as they will detect anyone in your house. Without them, your alert systems are useless.
-The better detection system you have, the easier to detect someone.

Recording Systems

Most thieves are very cautious wearing masks and gloves, making themselves unrecognizable. However high technology has its uses. These systems include devices such as simple cameras that will simply record movement to high-end computers which will analyze even a hair, giving you the identity of the fools who dared to attempt to rob you.

-These do act alone and what they do is record every movement in your house. Looking into these later you may be able to recognize someone breaking into your house.
-The better system you have, the more chances you have to recognize the one who broke into your house.
-Recording systems also take role to recognize anyone attempting to spy you. More specifically:
Level 0: No message is generated
Level 1 and above: A message is generated. The higher the level, the more chances you got to also get the name.

Alert Systems

These are systems which will alarm the cops about the situation. They include all the latest technology about immediate alert plus a one-time fee which goes into the coffers of the local police. This means the higher the level, the more happy the cops are with you thus will take better care of you.

-When someone is successfully detected during his break in, this is when the alert system kicks in.
-Alert systems are the ones that make you and the police aware of such things.
-The better the alert system, the faster the police will arrive and the better crew they will send.

Trap Systems

Traps are very important if you intend to make the life of possible thieves miserable.

-Trap systems give a bonus when calculating detection success.
-Traps make the lives of thieves more difficult and in some cases may lead even in his captivity! Most of the times they will manage to wound them, making them unable to do their work as efficient as they can.
-High level traps provide a slight bonus to safety systems check.

Safety Systems

Safety systems represent your last fort against thieving. It's when the thief has reached his destination, be it your cash or your beloved items. This is where you decide if you will give him a final test or not.

-Safety systems is how well-protected your belongings are.
-Sometimes only this may prove enough to thwart an attempt. Just imagine that you got the best safe in the whole world. If the thief does not know how to open it, then it makes no difference if he will meet any obstructions to it or not; The safe will remain closed.
-Most safety systems require Locks & Computers Specialties.


Mobsters Guarding Your House

-In order to improve chances to defend against future attempts against your precious belongings, you can put your mobsters to guard your house!

To do this, click on -> Manage band of thieves -> Select the one you want to put on guard and click orders.

A mobster must be free of any other action in order to guard your house. While guarding your house, he cannot do anything else. Mobsters will guard your house until you dismiss them and you can do this whenever you want.

The kind of mobsters you assign effects the outcome. For example, if you hire a mobster who is strong and good with weapons, it is more likely that the mobster will look to engage in combat and will do well in this. In the other hand, if you hire someone who is good with computers, he won't do much as he will be unable to fight well.

Other details:
-Up to 5 mobsters can engage against a single opponent.
-Number of mobsters in defense, does not have any negative effects. (Used to have, not anymore).
-A mobster that dies in a battle, will not appear again in the same day.
-A mobster that loses health in a battle, will appear again in the same day with his remaining hitpoints.
-The maximum number of mobsters that can engage against a single target is Your_House_Level / 2

Defense Focus

-Defense focus lets you select in which defense system you want maximum care. The selected system is favored by an increased efficiency during robbery attempts. Choose it wisely, trying to outguess the ones who will attempt to rob you.

Protect Most

-With this option you are given the opportunity to select what to protect most. If you set it to "Nothing Particular" it means that everything will be equally protected. In any other setting, what you choose gets harder to be stolen but the other things become more vulnerable. This option is especially useful when you have a very valuable item you don't want to lose or in cases you can predict which will be the common target of thieves attempting to steal from you.

Robbing Support Item Defense:
-You can assign a Robbing Support item to aid your defense. You can find this item through another player or produce it with your workshop. Such items are one use and are only used if the system it targets loses against the opponent. You can still lose and have an item used. This will emerge for as long as you have the necessary stock. By default, your best item is used every time. Every item consume counts per attempt.
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