Items are an important part of the game.

1.Crime/Non Crime Items

We have 2 great categories of items:
-Ones that can be used in a crime
-Ones that cannot be used in a crime.

Items that can be used in a crime
In each crime you are given the opportunity to carry along one of the following:
-Mobster (With A Weapon Armor Item)

*Take in mind that similar items carried by different people in a crime, won't stack! Meaning that their effectiveness won't be multiplied! Only the best one will be taken in mind.

Only the crime items you possess appear at the third category. From there, you can pick one item to take along.

Items that cannot be used in a crime
-These items may have some hidden buffs or may have nothing (this means they may be just role-play items).
-Non-crime items such as treasure items, do matter in your overall ranking position.

2.One/Multiple use items
-An item may be used once and wear out, or used many times and never wear out. For example, candy will wear out after one use but a car will not.

3.Possession of an item more than once
-Some items can be possessed more than once while some others only once. For example, you are allowed only one baseball bat (What would you do with the other one?) while you are allowed to buy as many candies you want.

4.Item restrictions
Every item has a series of restrictions, these are:
-Level requirement: You got to be same level or above to buy/use it.
-Item requirement: Some times you must possess another item in order to be able to buy one. For example, before you buy a car, you must own a drivers license (Exception: Item requirement only kicks in when you actually BUY the item. IF you STEAL the item, there is no need for requirement).

5.Item attributes

Every item has 1 or more attributes. You can see each item's attributes by clicking on the item and reading its description. Item attributes are important and are counted when calculating the power of the item. For items that have the same attributes, the better one is the one with higher attributes.

6.Storage fee

If you stock more than 20 items of the same sort, then you will pay a storage fee.
The storage fee is 1000$ per item over 20 per real day.
I.e having 22 potatoes means you will pay 2000$ in storage fee (2 items more than 20 of the same sort).
The storage fee is checked and paid during the daily update.
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