Job defines the daily, lawful job your character will do.

Now normally, why work when you can steal? The answer relies entirely on you!

You are not obliged to find work. However, it would be good to have a job as it will help your character seem less suspicious. Neighbors will be easier to trick if you have a normal job and will most definitely vouch for you in case police ask them about a crime in which you are a suspect. On the contrary, if you don't have a job, they will probably add up accusations...

A job does not come freely though. The better job you have, the more your character will tire. The higher your constitution, the less your character will tire. The cost of this is calculated in movement points. (This will be calculated at the daily update).

Of course a job offers some income which is mostly needed at the start of your character. Later you won't be needing them so much as you will be able to get much more from the crimes you commit but the income is always an income.

Some quick facts:
-You can get a job if you want.
-Having a job pays you a weekly salary (A week is one day in real life) which is added in your account when the daily update takes place.
-The better your job, the better your pay.
-The job costs your character stamina points. The amount of stamina you lose is determined after taking in mind your character constitution and your character job. Obviously, the better the job, the more your character will tire.


lvl 1: Putting flyers on cars -100$- (1 turn)
lvl 2: Pizza Delivery -200$- (1 turn)
lvl 3: Computer Technician -400$- (2 turns)
lvl 4: Computer Graphics -800$- (2 turns)
lvl 5: Music Company manager -1600$- (2 turns)
lvl 6: Head Manager at Booty Master Project -3,200$- (3 turns)
lvl 7: Deejay at the Mastercity Venue -6,500$- (3 turns)
lvl 8: Music Producer at the Mastercity Radio -15,000$- (4 turns)
lvl 9: TV Program Host -30,000$- (4 turns)
lvl 10: TV Producer for Booty Master Program -60,000$- (5 turns)

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