Joining a Gang

Every thief starts as an independent. Lately, if he wishes to, he can try and join a gang.

In order to join a gang, you will either have to apply and wait for approval (or rejection) or wait to receive an invitation.

If an invite arrives, a message will come from the person who invited you. You can keep track of applications. Invitations can be accepted or rejected through the Gangs page.

After joining a gang, you can leave anytime but beware as some gangs may not like this at all.

After you leave a gang, you will have to wait 24hours till you can join a gang again, but you can create your own gang anytime.

Sending invitations as a gang administrator

If you have administration power greater than 80, you can send Gang Invitations.

To do show, click on a player profile and check right below the player avatar.
There are 4 cases:
1)A link (Invite to GangName) will appear. Click it to invite the player to your gang. A new screen will appear where you can create a message for the player you invite. Click submit to send the invitation. The player will be then notified by both email and personal message.

2)(Already Invited) - It means that someone (or maybe you) has already invited this player to your gang.

3)(Has applied to join your gang) - Go to gangs page and application lists in order to accept or reject this application.

4)Nothing. If nothing appears, then one of the following scenario is true:
-Player already has a gang
-Player has turned off invitations
In this case, you cannot invite this person but you can always send a personal message and ask.

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