Player Rewards

From time to time, admins will take some time to reward players. To make admins life easier, we request from our player base to report events that can be suitable for either reward or punishment.

Reasons can be:
-Excellent role play. For example, only a perfectly chosen name can earn you a reward. Descriptions or avatars may also earn you a reward!.

-Helping other players. Guidance of other players in forums or through messages can also prove a reason to get rewarded. For the second occasion, a player will have to report a message of help to the admins. Based on the message and if the specific player has been reported by others as well, admins may decide to reward the player.

-Aid in game development. Aiding in game development, either by reporting a bug, or suggesting something or contributing something, may result into a reward.

-General good manners. Respect for other players or administrators in forums and in game is deemed very important for us. This will get you rewarded.

Rewards can be:

-Fame! The ultimate reward! It's rare, given in small amounts and it lasts forever! You only have to keep your character alive and fame will accompany your character in next game sets as well.

-Cash! You will get a role playing message like "You found a wallet full of cash! Opening it you found $1334 ! You keep it of course..."

-Experience! A common message for experience reward is "A wise thief has enlightened you. You gained 2345 experience!"

-Items! Nice.. rare.. and expensive items may be presented to you.


You will also have to note that when it is needed, a player may get punished instead of rewarded. Mostly be careful about keeping game rules (described here here as a violation in them can easily mean your character deletion, with no way to alter this decision. More light punishments will be used for offensive descriptions while offensive names will lead to deletion.
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