PvP Feature

=PvP Feature is only available to Booty Master Supporters=

-What is PvP Feature ?
-> PvP Feature allows Booty Master Supporters to test their characters fighting skills against other players or mobs.

-How this is done ?
->A supporter picks a target. Chooses some option like what weapon and armor he will wear and commands an attack. Then a battle takes places. All results are stored infinitely.

-Does this affect the game ?
->No, it has absolutely no affection. The battle is based on real stats but it is a virtual one and does not effect any of the characters further.

-Can one attack anyone ?

-Does the one who gets attacked get to know of this ?
->Only if the attacker wants him to know.

-What you mean player or mobs ? What is a mob ?
->A mob is a computer character, like the ones you meet in crimes. You can have your character compete against any of the mobs found in any Booty Master crime as well as to mobs that do not appear anywhere.

-Are there any limitations ?
->Level limitations do not apply here. You can send your character to battle with anyone you wish. However there stands a limit of 5 PvP battles per day in order to save server resources.
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