Reporting a Message

By clicking on icon at the navigation menu, you are taken into the mail page. From there you can send and receive mail to and from other players in the game.

One of the possible actions you get is to "Report A message". The image belows show you how to report a message:

What you should REALLY know is the reasons of WHY you should report a message. These are:

A. The specific person has broken the game rules. Two examples:
1. This person has used offensive language against you.
2. This person has revealed to you that he is cheating or trying to convince you to cheat.

B. The specific person is someone you think he is deserving a reward. Two examples are:
1. The particular person has helped you with the game.
2. This particular person has role played excellently with you.

In generally you should not be too skeptical to report a message. We will be happy to receive positive reports for every good deed any of our players do and we will be satisfied to see the community hit back at cheaters.
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