Rob Another Player

Rob Another Player

This features enables you to steal from other players.
As of 12th SET (Starting August 23th 2012, robbing awards a small amount of
experience, 200 to 500 XP per turn spent).

Here are some quick facts:

*Level 1 character cannot be attacked.
*You can attack someone up to 3 levels higher/lower.
-Only exception are those to levels above 20. Any level 21-100 may rob
each other.
*Associated accounts are not allowed to steal each other.
*Each player cannot be attacked by more than 4 different persons per day.

*The perfect crime against someone can give the attacker up to 30% of the
defender's cash.


Brief Description

Many rules are the same with the ones in the common crimes. However this
one is more challenging while the skills needed for each thing is pretty
much standard. There are many different combos that anyone can try which
can work out. Ultimately, everyone will be able to rob another but of
course some will be better at it than the rest.

Selection Explanations

-Weapon, armor, item and mobster works in likewise way as in crimes. You
need a weapon and armor in case you fail the Alert check or in case the
defender has mobs defending his house.

-Special Support Item: You can get an extra item to assist you in robbery.
You can produce this item yourself with a Robbing Support workshop or get
it from other players.

-Focus: Allows you to select what your mob should be more careful of. You
can set it at a specific area or you can instruct your mob to be equal
careful to all areas.

-Target: Allows you to select what to steal. In case you select a specific
item, you will have to first spy for it. In case the selected item does not
exist at the time of crime (Opponent sold it or had it already stolen) the
most expensive item will be the target instead.

-Mobster in house: Allows you to select what you should do in case there
are mobsters in the house. You can attempt to:
1)Nullify them; May be a convenient solution for sneaky thieves.
2)Attempt to go unnoticed; Your mobster will try to avoid them at all
3)Leave; If your mobster is detected and there are mobs at defense, he will
4)Try to attack them; Choose this to have your mobster engage.

-In case you are detected: Allows you to select what to do in case you are
detected during the detection phase. If you choose to run away, then you
get a roll for recognition and you may be recognized. Crime stops though
and you get away with some penalties. In case you surrender, the penalties
are minor but you will most probably get recognized.

-Cops: Same as above. Note however that if cops get you, you will end up in
jail and that will cost you some $$$ or turns or xp to get out.

-Mood: This is very important. Higher risk makes the whole thing more
difficult but this also means you will be able to steal more. Lower risk
means greater chances of success while you will be able to steal less.

High Risk: Up to 30% of defenders total Cash
Normal: Up to 20%
Safe: Up to 10%

-Turns: Affects efficiency in many rolls, affects max amount stolen
(relative with Mood).

How the Sequence Goes:

First of all, all of your options are taken in mind before anything
happens. Your character decides how he will move. According to the plan
made through your commands and his own abilities, he starts the robbery.

The first phase is the most important. During the first phase there is the
Detection check. If your character is detected, he will most probably have
to fight, while if he is not detected, he will be able to work in the

If your character is detected, there comes the Alert Check and the Mobster
Defense. If not, there is the trap check.

If you fail at the alert check, a mobster sent by the police will come to
oppose you. The greater the level of the Alert Systems of the defender, the
better the mob which will come. During this fight the mobster you are
carrying with you in the crime, will not participate.

If the defender has mobsters guarding his house, you will have to kill them
all in order to proceed. During this phase, the mobster you are carrying is
engaged first.

If you are not detected, you have the trap check. The traps can either
damage you, or halt your attempt through heavy damage or even trap you. In
case you are trapped, you will most probably be recognized but nothing is
never sure.

Last check, if you reach this point through any mean, is the Safety Systems
check. This might prove the most difficult of all at times, so do not
underestimate it.
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