Robbers Delight

Robber's Delight is a separate server from the Classic one.

It is identical to the classic server except from the following points:

Rob another player
-Maximum turns that can be used against a player: 3 turns
-Turns weight is 2.34 greater (This means that 3 turns against a player in Robbers delight Server is like using 7,02 turns in Classic)
-Reduced spy costs by 50%

-Key crimes relative to robbing industry are significantly easier:
*Raid a derelict Warehouse
*The Ink Factory

-Job income is 4 times greater.
-House defense Upgrades are cheaper
-Some differences in prices for key items can be found

Since Robber's Delight is a new type of server in the world of Booty Master. Therefore we will maintain an open line with the players in order to improve it as much as we can in order to achieve the intense PvP mode we are after. This may also mean that we may need to add/change things while the game is running. Such changes will be kept to a minimum but important ones will be forwarded without delays.
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