Quick Facts:

-Specialty Efficiency is defined by one primary attribute.
-You can choose up to 3 specialties for your character.
-You can't change an option. Once it's chosen, it's forever.
-You get to pick your character's first specialty at level 1, then at level 10, and finally at level 20.
-Each Specialty enables your character two untrained skills. After a specialty is chosen you can train them.

Explaining relevance with Primary Attribute
Specialties are affected by one primary attribute. This means that the skill efficiency will be ultimately affected by the value of your primary attribute point. In simple words, if two thieves have trained both their skills of the same specialty to 100%, the one with higher primary attribute of this specialty will perform better than the other whenever his specialty is taken in mind.

This doesn't mean that you only have to be good at your specialty's primary attribute though. Most of the time, a crime requires good values of all your primary attributes. But always remember that depending on the crime, everything has a different gravity.. some count more and others do not.

List of Existing Specialties

1. Locks (Composure)
Skill A: Pick Lock
Skill B: Fast Pick Lock

This specialty will enable you to learn pick lock, making you a master of locks. No safe will be able to keep its precious contents away from you. Sooner or later you will be able to crack open everything that carries a lock.

Fast pick lock will make sure that you will pick every lock at minimum time, thus making things more simple.

2. Driving (Dexterity)
Skill A: Driving Knowledge
Skill B: Fast Accurate Driving

This specialty will make you a master driver.

With driving knowledge, you can drive anything with wheels. Or maybe you need a good getaway driver. If that's the case then someone with this specialty is perfect for any job that requires driving.

3. Weapons (Strength)
Skill A: Precision
Skill B: Quick Fire

While anyone could use a weapon, you will need weapons specialty for those occasions where you need someone to do the job perfectly.

Weapons specialty not only allows you to use weapons efficiently but also reduces the composure penalty while holding a weapon. (Since you know how to use it, there is no reason to panic!)

Note: While strength is the primary attribute, while in fight more attributes are checked. These are also Dexterity, Composure and Constitution. The role of strength as primary attribute is to affect the expertise of the skill. How your character eventually fights, is a matter affected by a handful of many other things, including the attributes mentioned.

4. Computers (Intelligence)
Skill A: Programming
Skill B: Hacking

This specialty makes you the computer guy who will crack virtual systems and retrieve important information which will help you in your plans.

Or you could hack those nuclear weapon codes.. at least you can try..

5. Explosives (Composure)
Skill A: Explosives Knowledge
Skill B: Accurate Setup

Every serious gang will need someone that is efficient with explosives. Someone who will be able to setup and fire his little babies at the right place at the right time.

The better you are, the better the outcome will be. Just use the correct explosives...

6. Organization (Intelligence)
Skill A: Logical Thinking
Skill B: Accurate Planning

Someone who is able to organize his actions will have a better outcome in the end. Without proper organization, the results can never be that good.

Those who intend on organizing complex missions or taking up missions that combine many parts in order to be successful are suggested to take up this specialty.

7. Persuasion (Charisma)
Skill A: Bluffing
Skill B: Intimidation

Persuasion is something you will need when other people are in the same scene. Utilization of these people comes through persuasion.

Bluffing may also help you to escape from captivity. Or you could always use this intimidation skill to make sure you will learn all the information you need.

8. Martial Arts (Constitution)
Skill A: Tae Kwon Do (Defensive)
Skill B: Karate (Offensive)

If you are going to enter a situation without weapons, then martial arts is for you.

First you will learn to defend and then to attack. Do not underestimate this specialty as it can prove crucial in many occasions.

*Martial Arts gives 10% experience bonus.

9. Stealth (Charisma)
Skill A: Hiding
Skill B: Disguise

You need to do something unnoticed?

Hiding will make you harder to detect by most systems while disguise can save you as it can bluff most about your appearance, thus making yourself unrecognizable.

10. Acrobatics (Dexterity)
Skill A: Flexibility
Skill B: Dodge

If you are interested in getting something more from your body, then acrobatics may be the correct path for you.

Training flexibility will make you able to surpass various kinds of obstructions with ease.

Becoming proficient with this can result in learning how to dodge all kinds of attacks which can prove very crucial in battle.
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