Spy Another Player

Spy Another Player

This feature allows you to spy on other players for information. The information you can get is divided into the following categories:

*Personal Info - Primary Attributes, Secondary Attributes, Turns left

*Items List - Complete item list of the opponent. This must be used if you intend to steal a specific item from the victim. Remember that items you spy, remain saved till the daily update. Once the daily update takes place, all info stored is deleted.

*Defense Systems - Reveals to you all the sensitive information about the target's selection concerning his defense systems.

There are also three methods with which you may obtain any of the above information. Currently however the only one activated is the one by paying a snitch.

A little hint is not to ask too much from your snitch. Remember that you can use your snitch as many times you wish, the only limit you got is your treasury.

*Also beware sometimes a special kind of house defense will pick you up while spying on them.


*Note that players are not allowed to switch their defense systems but this will most likely be changed in the future. So, when this happens, the stats brought up here each time, will be subject to change.

**Spying on someone is may generate a message on the victim side. This is based on the level of recording systems the victim has.
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