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Getting Started Category is in fact a quick guide on how this game is
played and what should be your first moves.

It's SHORT and it will definitely give you the first information you will
need. So give it a try.

So, to start with, the game is based on a daily update script! The outcome
of most things you will do, will be available AFTER the daily update.

The daily update will take place every day at 0.00 Game Time

One real life day = One week in-game

Every day your character earns by default 7 turns (Because 1 day is
one week in-game, we give you 1 turn per in-game day. Therefore 7 turns).

If you don't spend all 7 turns in one day, the next days 7 turns will be
added up! However only to a maximum of 14 turns.

Start here
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