Text Codes

Booty Master supports BBCODE in most regions you can enter text. It also supports some unique tags to make your life easier.

1.General BBCODE Instructions *Note that not all tags apply here example:audioflash etc

2.Special Booty Master Tags

For the tags to work you replace
{ with [
} with ]

-{user}Username here{/user} -> Username which shows profile on click
-{page}Helpdesk Page{/page} -> Helpdesk Page which opens in same page
-{newpage}Helpdesk Page{/newpage} -> Helpdsek Page which opens in a new page
-{auction}auction id you can find it at the bottom of the show bid page{/auction} -> Shows an auction where you want - like in your profile
-{item=ITEM_ID}Whatever{/item} -> Will create a link to the item you want
-{mobster=MOBSTER_ID}Whatever{/mobster} -> Will create a link to the mobster you want
-{crime}GANG_CRIME_ID{/crime} -> Will create a link to the gang crime you specify
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