One of the most important actions your character can do, is Training!

When you get to pick a specialty, your character inherits two untrained skills. You will need to train them in order to get their beneficial effects.

->To train, you click on Train link which exists right below your character avatar.

->Then you pick the skill you want to train and the turns you want to spend on it.

->You can only train the skills that your specialties provide to you.

->You can only train one skill per day.

Now, you must be wondering how many turns to spend?

The answer is as many as you like. However, you should take in mind that training rate is based on your character's intelligence. The higher your character intelligence is, the faster he will train.

->Max turns that can be used: 4
->Also costs 20% stamina per turn used. IF you do not have enough stamina, training will not be as good.
->Training Efficiency = Intelligence * Turns Used * 2

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