Players are now able to construct workshops.
There is one type of workshops right now: Robbing Support

These will produce items which you will be able to use in your defense/attack against other players in the Rob another player feature.


To create and operate a workshop you need to be a supporter.
You can have one workshop. You can have a workshop even if you already have one horse industry.

To create a workshop, you must first obtain an item called Robbing Support Workshop. You can buy this at the Black Market under industry items. Be careful though as there is only a limited number of such items. If you cannot find one in the Black Market, you must obtain it with other ways which include: Get it from a gang-mate through Booty Courier, Steal it from another player or buy it from the players market. This item must be present for your workshop to operate.

Follow the instructions to create it.


A workshop has the following attributes:
1.Production Type: You choose what to produce. It will affect the type of the item produced. If it is defensive, you will be able to use this item in your house defense. If it is offensive, you will be able to use this item in your rob attempts.

2.System Focus: You choose which systems the tools you will produce should target. It directly affects productivity (See employers for details)

3.Focus: You can choose where to put your production focus. Focus in quality will produce better items but limited numbers. Focus in quantity will try to produce as much items as possible. Normal will try to balance things.

4.Employers: You can put your mobsters to work there. All primary attributes do count and specialty (skills trained level as well) do count in productivity. Especially for specialty, it is closely connected with System Focus. You can hire as much as you want without any negative affects.

5.Production: How many units are currently produced. It directly affects items produced. Whenever an item is generated, it will deduct its value in productivity units.

6.Workshop Level: Highly affects productivity and also item generated quality. To upgrade, you need to obtain an item called Workshop Facility which can be obtained through crimes or other players.

7.Workshop Quality: It heavily affects the quality of your tools. You can improve quality with an item called Special tools. This can be obtained through crime (Raid a derelict Warehouse) or other players.

Success in easy words
-Try to supply your workshop with special tools daily.
-Train your mobsters as workers to increase productivity; Very important attributes are strength and constitution. Do not neglect their specialty training as well.
-Quality of items produced will rely on the specialties of your mobster.
-Try to upgrade your workshop as soon as possible.

*Note that really low quality level tools are automatically sold. You can even set a limit of quality where automatic sale will take place.
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