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You are a young citizen of Mastercity, the overpopulated capital of Bootyland!

  • Northern suburbs are full of high-security villas, which most of the time are deserted.
  • Western suburbs are full with ordinary people who live peacefully their lives, on good economic status.
  • Southern suburbs is where the whole country's biggest companies headquarters reside and is populated by people similar to those of western suburbs, however these ones are more rich (and better secured too!).
  • At the eastern suburbs, reside the rich people (many of those also have a villa at nothern suburbs). However security of this area is very high.
  • The centre of the city is the part where crime reports are higher than any other part of the city. All kind of folks live there and most come through it. It is also a heaven for crooks and thieves.
Mastercity Map
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You live at the centre of the city, renting an appartment for a few dollars per week. The estate you live into has 46 appartments and in each one of them, one (or more) small crooks reside, just to make your life harder -yesterday you were robed again!-. So now you are left with $1.000 that you just got as a refund for getting fired in you last job! With no properties in your name and no relatives to care about, it is time to make decisions about your future...

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