Booty Master has intensive financial management. Sometimes, the difference will be in managing what you earn. Imagine a thief in the real world stealing one great diamond. Won't he need to put time and effort into selling it? And when he takes the cash, won't he have trouble hiding it and how he got it? So, if their challenge exists in the real world, why not in BootyLand too?

Here is a quick overview regarding finances:
You can check your details anytime, by clicking on the game header at and then on
Financial calculations take place during play and during the daily update.

Daily Update Calculations:
Job Income.
House rent/expenses.
Mobsters Wages&Cut. If you cannot pay your mobsters, you will lose them while your wanted level raises (As the mobsters will most likely leak out information about your "dirty" works). Details here
Storage Expenses. Anyone having more than 20 items of one kind, will receive a $1000 charge per surplus item as storage expense. If you do not have enough cash to pay for storage expenses, then you will be forced to sell enough items of the ones who appear to be surplus in order to balance the situation.
Crime/Rob another player earnings, if any.

During Play Calculations - These financial actions are taken in mind during daily update as well in order for the total summaries:
Black Market Purchase/Sells.
Gang Creation/Wonders Fees (No other gang transactions are counted).
Hire/Fire Mobsters fees.
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