Booty Master is a free multi - player browser based online turn-based strategy/rpg game!

In Booty Master you take up the role of a thief in his early steps. You start in Mastercity, capital city of Bootyland. Not everything is easy at every beginning and the same applies to Booty Master. If you manage to survive in the hostile society you may finally evolve to a Master thief!

It's mostly up to you! The role playing nature of the game will let you create your character as you like. Afterwards and depending on what decisions you take, the future will be obscure.. or bright! One thing is sure, your Booty Master experience will be rich and unique.

Some Features:

  • Unique crimes, even if you do pick the same crime, no on can guarantee you it will be the same.
  • Unique and original story/mechanisms.
  • Character building ~ Specialties (skills etc)/Attributes/etc
  • Online Community
  • PVP (Person v Person in a variety of things/places which take place on daily/instant basis. PVP is not like in real-time rpg games. Its different. )
  • PVE (PVE as in player actions in Booty Master World. Again, its not like in real-time rpgs. This is a turn-based game, therefore some things are different, style the same type.)
  • Many many others

Booty - Master is not like any game you have played before. Aside from many unique characteristics it also features some really interesting ingredients for an online game with most notorious being the time needed to play it!

We have designed it so anyone could be competitive in the game with only 10mins per day. While we took in mind the ones who want to spend more time on it, adding features which however won't provide any significant advantages over the people who play it minimal time. Reason for this is that a game in our belief needs to be pretty, fun and competitive and this competition should not rely solely on how much time on spends on the game.

Our primary objective is to create an entertaining, addictive game that will result into a massively multiplayer online game. We hope that we will be successful :)

So, don't wait any longer, roll in our world and see for yourself.